Twenty local artists have accepted gallupARTS’ “8 x 10 x 20” Artist Challenge to create ten (10) 8” x 10” 2D artworks in twenty (20) days this January and February.

Thanks to grant funding from New Mexico Arts, gallupARTS is able to sponsor its second annual artist challenge, following the incredibly successful “15 in 30” Artist Challenge last year. Grant funding is used provide participating artists the basic materials—ten 8” x 10” canvas boards—making this challenge highly accessible.

The 20 artists participating represent the diversity of Gallup’s art scene and broader community. Including three youth participants, the 8 x 10 x 20 Artist Challenge is a chance for emerging artists to flex their creative muscles and for established artists to push their practices. Involving an about equal split between female and male artists and Native and non-Native artists, the Challenge is a celebration of different artistic media, styles, subjects and ideas.

Artist Matthew Bollinger has set out to explore the concept of repetition through digital media. “Repetition prompts investigation, understanding, and artistic inflection,” he says.

Meanwhile, Karen Fischer is hard at work on collages that represent contrast, Dustin Logg is focused on capturing melancholy emotions through portraiture, Jeffrey Begay is creating ten individual images that when displayed together will form a single larger picture, Tasha N. is going a surrealist route and interpreting her dreams, and Mackenzie Cheama is creating a study of the American traditional style of tattoo work.

“The [8 x 10 x 20 Challenge] peaks my interest,” says Logg. “My timid nature refuses to let me do anything outside my comfort zone, but this opportunity is too good to pass up, to gauge how people will receive my work and of course as an experience to learn from.”

Tasha N. is excited about the Challenge because it is allowing her the space and time to try something new. “My work has become recognizable, which is fine, it means I’m beginning to establish myself and my style, but I want people to know that I am much more as an artist and person,” she says. “I want to create something that has some significant value to me and my life experiences.”

The Challenge started January 14 and will culminate in a show of 200 total artworks at ART123 Gallery, opening on Saturday, February 8 from 7 – 9pm. The 8 x 10 x 20 Show will be on view through March 7. All artworks will be sold for between $50 and $75, making it the perfect opportunity for the Gallup community to start or add to their art collections, support local artists and grow our creative economy.